Independence Stadium Tickets

Independence Stadium
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Shreveport, LA, USA

Independence Stadium

Time to arrange your seating in Independence Stadium for the annual Independence Bowl? You’ve come to the right place. always has great bowl tickets for every postseason college contest and the Independence Bowl is no exception. Though it’s probably one of the smaller bowl games, seats at the Independence Bowl are just what you need to get yourself primed and ready for the bigger games to come. But you CAN expect a great college football game in a stadium that’s seen its share of big events.

Independence Stadium is located in Shreveport, Louisiana and carries a seating chart that can easily fit 50,000 fans. Its been the home stadium for a World Football League team (The Shreveport Steamer), a Canadian League football team (The Shreveport Pirates), and in 2005, Independence Stadium came to the rescue when Hurricane Katrina disabled the Louisiana SuperDome by hosting the Louisiana High School State Championships. Some lucky folks with seats in Independence Stadium even witnessed an NFL pre-season game between the New Orleans Saints and the Dallas Cowboys. Just to make sure you don’t miss out on Independence Bowl tickets or any of the other big events to be seen from the seats of Independence Stadium, let keep you up to date on everything coming to this unique and lively stadium.

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