Bronco Stadium Tickets

Bronco Stadium
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1400 Bronco Lane, Boise, ID, USA 83725

Bronco Stadium

Before taking your seats at Bronco Stadium you’ll become aware of something really different about this place. The field is blue. Yes, Bronco Stadium has the only football field in the NCAA with blue AstroTurf, homage to the Broncos team colors. In fact, Broncos fans affectionately refer to their stadium as “The Blue”. Legend has it that birds often mistake the field for water, plunging to their demise. But like stadiums across the country during college football season, the action is red hot. Anyway, that blue field has been known to shake some people up so be ready.

Built in 1970, Bronco Stadium has a seating chart that can fit 30,000 screaming Broncos fans in comfort. Because of the rising prominence of Broncos football, the university is making plans to increase that seating capacity to something around 50,000. What that means for you as a college football fan is that you can expect even more frenzy around the Broncos football team.

Bronco Stadium is also the home of the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, this post-season event is a favorite around Boise so reserve your seats early. Most college stadiums around the country can boast of something special and Broncos Stadium is no exception. But what they all have in common is that feeling that there’s nowhere else to be on a Saturday in the fall. At we understand that and we’ll always be ready with great seats in Bronco Stadium so you don’t have to miss a thing.

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