Memorial Stadium-CA
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California Memorial Stadium is located in Berkeley and has been the home of the Cal Golden Bears since 1923. Like many stadiums built in that era it has seen numerous renovations and upgrades. The current capacity of 63,000 makes Memorial Stadium one of the largest stadiums in the state.

You might think the name Memorial Stadium has something to do with honoring those fallen in Vietnam or World War II but it was actually built to honor lives lost in World War I. The stadium is situated in a way such that spectators have views of either San Francisco Bay or Berkeley Hills. Many consider Memorial Stadium as one of the most scenic and historic venues in all of college football.

Over the years Memorial Stadium has seen some great games. Cal’s annual match-up with cross-state rival Stanford generally brings the biggest crowd of the year to Berkeley. Memorial Stadium’s latest renovations which were completed just prior to the ‘12 season marked the first time that the Golden Bears had played at the historic venue since the end of the ‘10 campaign. Be sure you’re there for all the great Cal Golden Bears football games by ordering tickets from GoTickets.

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