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Orpheum Theater
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601 Smithe Street, Vancouver, BC 0
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Orpheum Theater Tickets in Vancouver

The Orpheum Theater in Vancouver is making a strong comeback. Like most luxury movie theaters built in the 20’s, this grand old building was once a hotspot for entertainment. With luxury seating for over 1,300 people the Orpheum was a place where our grandparents went to enjoy the heyday of vaudeville entertainment. It was simply the most beautiful theater in Vancouver and was built at a cost of $750,000, quite a sum in 1927.

Vaudeville gave way to Hollywood but seats in the Orpheum managed to keep their allure as the movies became a major form of entertainment. Movie stars were the new royalty and the constant parade of films kept the country entertained through the 1930’s and beyond WW II. But as the 40’s faded into the 50’s the movie theater drifted away from the luxury theater seating of the 20’s into the more practical, but far less attractive, movie theaters of the suburbs. As a result, the Orpheum Theater suffered a decline along with the rest of downtown Vancouver.

Starting in the early 1980’s, a new wave of appreciation for the past and historic buildings began to sweep the country. Rather than demanding new and improved, customers began to seek comfort in the grandeur of the past. The Orpheum Theater was the direct beneficiary of this nostalgia. Beginning in the early 90’s, the Orpheum Theater in Vancouver underwent a major renovation. Over $10 Million was lavished on this facility, restoring it to to former beauty, and re-acquainting Vancouver with what a luxury seatng chart really meant.

Today the Orpheum Theater boast over 1,000 orchestra seats and a new generation is discovering what their grandparents already knew: Balcony seating is a lot better than cramming into a modern movie theater. The Orpheum Theater is now riding high, bringing top quality productions of Broadway shows to Vancouver, along with a truly unique concert setting for both classical and modern music.

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