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Wicked Seattle Tickets

July 26, 2015
1:00 pm

When buying your tickets to see Wicked in Seattle keep in mind:

  • Seats are together, side by side, unless the Wicked ticket NOTES state otherwise.
  • Time permitting, ALL tickets are shipped via UPS.
  • Ticket prices are set by the sellers and may be above OR below the face value of the ticket.

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Section Row Price Qty    Notes
Main Floor 2 S $755
Main Floor 3 AA $470
Main Floor 4 CC $352
Main Floor 1 JJ $281
MF2 D $265
MEZ13 A $250
MF2 F $245
MF3 G $235
MF2 G $235
Third Mezzanine 32 Y $233
MF 3 E $228
MF3 J $225
MF2 L $215
MEZ12 A $215
MF 3 J $211
MF2 R $170
MF 2 P $160
Main Floor 4 JJ $130
Main Floor 4 KK $130
Third Mezzanine 32 W $117
MEZ32 V $87

This Wicked ticket inventory was last updated on April 27, 2015, 4:56 pm EST.

Note: Map may reflect the standard seating arrangement, is not drawn to scale, and may not include all details. Stage setup and specific seat locations can vary by event. Report map errors
Order by phone: 1-800-775-1617