Avenue Q Tickets

If you haven’t had the chance to catch Avenue Q on Broadway then you should wait no longer. Follow the trail of a group of twenty-somethings searching for their place in the world. Experiencing the successes and failures in romance and their careers, this group of character leaves a remarkable impression on the audience. This talented young cast truly deserves the accolades they are receiving.

Order tickets for the smash comedy-musical Avenue Q playing at the Golden Theatre. The side-splitting show that uses Muppett-esque puppets to deliver its message, has quickly won over audiences and grown a devoted following.

Avenue Q, the brainchild of songwriters Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx follows, the life of Princeton, a recent college grad trying to make a living in New York. Princeton comes across the everyday troubles of post-grad life as he journeys through an oddly familiar neighborhood in what amounts to be a journey to find a purpose in life. All the while music and comedy carry the show under the guidance of director Jason Moore.

Don’t let the puppets fool you. Avenue Q is not a child-themed romp through Sesame Street. Instead it’s a darker, albeit funnier; look at life and the situations people ultimately get involved in.

Avenue Q originally opened off Broadway in 2003, but soon quickly gathered a following as word-of-mouth spread to get it pushed to Broadway later that year, and ultimately win three Tony awards, including Best Musical. The cast not only expresses their emotions through their own personal acting on stage, but also through their sidekick puppets. The entire cast has worked as puppeteers on Sesame Street, so they can deftly convey a message or emotion through their puppets. This joint ability to act almost makes the audience want to watch it twice; once to watch the human actors, and again to watch the puppets they are acting through.

Reserve tickets now for the musical comedy, Avenue Q. You’ll never watch Sesame Street the same way again.

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