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MASTERS MESSAGE knows how valuable your badges are to you and your family. We have hundreds of Masters Badge holders that make us their exclusive Ticket Broker. The reason that they come back to us every year is that we offer them the best price, peace of mind, security, and the most experienced Masters staff. Please take a second to review our information below to see what so many other Masters Badge holders already know.

LOCATION has an office on-site in Augusta. Our office is located approximately 150 yards from the main entrance. Our on-site staff meets very early every morning to greet our clients. We also have a copy of our client’s packets on-site for reference. We require that the clients return the badge after the round is completed for the day. Our on-site staff is available all day long for any questions or concerns any client may have. This system of picking up and dropping off is another way we protect every badge.


Selling your Masters Badges is extremely easy because of our experienced and dedicated staff. We pay top dollar for every badge. We keep our prices competitive, and will match any legitimate offer. When you contact, we will discuss the prices and details of the transaction. Once everything is agreed upon we will draw up the agreement which outlines the transaction. When the agreement is signed and received back, will send you the deposit amount agreed upon immediately. We will return the badges back to you after the tournament is completed.

PROTECTION will go to great lengths to protect your valuable badges. The majority of our clients are Fortune 100 Companies. The reason we work with corporate companies is because they give the badges to employees and high-end clients. This helps ensure that your badges are returned with no problems. We go through a careful process to screen every single client who does purchase from us to prevent the loss or misuse of your badges. Every client receives a packet from our Masters staff which includes all the policies and regulations set forth by Augusta National and

EXPERIENCE has been in the business of buying and selling premium tickets worldwide since 1992. We have served hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients, and our Masters staff is one of the most experienced in the business.

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