Second Stage Theater Tickets

Second Stage Theater
307 West 3rd Street, New York, NY, USA 10036

Second Stage Theater Tickets
Are you tired of the same old theater tickets? Are you tired of the same revived plays that frequent Broadway? You should try Second Stage Theater tickets for a new and unique experience. The Second Stage focuses on spotlighting plays that didn’t receive an ample amount of attention when the debuted. So if you miss a performance that your were hoping to see during its first run on stage, think about checking out Second Stage Theater tickets. You won’t be disappointed or bored with same old Broadway plays.

Founded by actress Robyn Goodman and Carole Rothman in 1979, the Second Stage Theater faced early struggles and did not attract the kind of audiences or venues it was looking for in the beginning. But soon the Second Stage Theater turned things around and blossomed into an Off-Broadway staple that is focused on reviving contemporary American plays.

The Second Stage Theater’s dedication to aiding the careers of young and ambitious actors, actresses, writers, directors and producers has earned the appreciation of the theater world. So the next time you’re searching for a fresh, new brand of theater, check out Second Stage Theater tickets from Second Stage Theater tickets never disappoint.

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