Symphony Hall Tickets

Symphony Hall
225 East Adams St, Phoenix, AZ, USA 85004

Symphony Hall Tickets in Phoenix

Symphony Hall in Phoenix, Arizona has just undergone a massive renovation so you’re in for a treat with this venue. The City of Phoenix spent $18 Million to upgrade the Symphony Hall. The new features include an expansion of the Symphony Hall seating chart to 2,387 seats. The new seats are wood based, which makes for improved acoustic performance. The lobby has been redone to offer more room and easier access in and out of the auditorium. No more struggling in and out of your seats either, as the aisles have been widened and the layout improved. Patrons with disabilities will see a marked improvement in getting to their seats. If you’ve been there before, you’ll also notice new wooden paneling of ash and oak, along with special carpet designed especially for Symphony Hall. The stage has also been improved, now measuring 60 x 100, providing better sound, a new lighting system, and modern rigging

All this has been done as the Symphony Hall gets more popular every year. Visitors are treated to a schedule that includes performances by the Phoenix Symphony, the Arizona Opera, and ballet performed by the Ballet Arizona. As Arizona grows, so does the popularity of seats in Symphony Hall. The new face of the Phoenix is reflected in the allure of this growing facility and its reach into the cultural life of Arizona.

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